Deu 12:26, 5 – the place God chose

Mt Moriah is the place where Abraham meet Melchizedek, Isaac was offered, and Solomon’s Temple built. These were happening on the same spot!

Scholars have identified that the same mountain is actually the mountain of myrrh (Song 4:6). Myrrh is mentioned more than any other single plant in the Bible.
Myrrh comes from the word ‘morr’ in Hebrew, the root can refers to something that is little bitter. It is used in the anointing oil (Exo 30:23-25) and also for perfume on the priest garment (Ps 45:8). Esther was soaked with myrrh for 6 months (Est 2:12).

Mt. Moriah is named after the moriah plant that looks like Menorah. The plant name is similar to the root word for ‘Moriah’. The plant grows in Mt. Moriah. When it is squeezed, beautiful fragrance will come out. This is a picture of Jesus being crushed.

On top of Mt. Moriah, the place where the temple used to sit was in the shape of the letter ‘yud’ (the tenth letter of Hebrew alphabet). This is the first letter of YHWH. Also for Jacob, Jerusalem, and Judah. So God put the first letter of His Name to things that are related or special to Him.

The elevation of the very place where Jesus was crucified (Golgotha Calvary at the North of Jerusalem) is 777. Represent three areas of perfection (body, soul, and spirit).

Three mountains in Jerusalem from base to top are Mt. Ophel, Mt. Zion, and Mt. Moriah.
Mt. Ophel is where the pool of Siloam was. (2 Chron 27:3, John 9:7-11). This symbolises cleansing.
Mt. Zion is where David’s tabernacle sat. This symbolises deliverance (Ps 2:6, Oba 1:17).
Mt. Moriah is where the temple sat. This symbolises God’s Glory (2 Chron 3:1, 7:1-4).
These three mountains represent salvation, separation unto God (worship), and the power of Holy Ghost.

The letter ‘shin’ (21st letter of Hebrew alphabet) is on every mezuzah. It has maintained its form since the Moses’ time. This represents God’s name ‘Shaddai’. The shape of the mountains on Jerusalem is the shape of the letter ‘shin’. God mentioned that He will put His Name in Jerusalem! (2 King 21:4)

A satellite picture made several years ago shows some Hebrew letters formed from the shadow of mountains on top of Israel. The shadow looks exactly like Hebrew letters in an order as a sentence. The letters spell this sentence “Because of Bethel the Lord God have made me fruitful.” The word ‘fruitful’ is ‘Ephraim’. These words appeared right in the area where the tribe of Ephraim was.

Recently a satellite picture discovered five rock structures that formed in a shape of a shoe on a foot in Gilgal. This is related to Ps 108:8-9 and Ps 60:8. Gilgal is the place where the Israelites camped before they entered the Promised Land. It is also where they were circumcised – Jos 4:19-22. ‘Gilgal’ means ‘to awheel’ or ‘to recircle’.

The shape is formed by five structures. Five is also a number of grace. The founder, Professor Adam Zeital mentioned that the Israelites built their camps there in the form of a shoe. This is done so when God looked down from heaven He would see His footprint!

Joshua had to take off his shoe (one not both) (Jos 5:15) to symbolise that the Israelites can redeem the entire land back (similar like the story of Ruth and Boaz – Ruth 4:1-13). The angel of the Lord showed up to give the Israelites permission to take back the land!

Source: Manna-fest episode 522 Unearthing the Bible in the Land of the Bible